My mother and I just returned from an unforgettable ten day tour in Morocco, and this tour certainly exceeded both of our expectations. I had wanted to visit Morocco for the past 15 years, and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel with my mother. We agreed that, without our amazing tour guide, the trip could have gone very differently. 

We are SO pleased with our guide, Abdull, and I highly recommend him for any future group travel. He was absolutely perfect, from start to finish. He was polite, respectful, an excellent driver, and always made sure that both my mother and I were safe and well taken care of. He made sure that we had fun everyday and always maintained a positive attitude. Also, he let us stop to take loads of pictures along the way, and traveled at our pace, which was a welcomed relief from larger group tours. 

He always encouraged us to enjoy the sights, and relax, without any stress or pressure to stick to an itinerary. He let us stop for coffees, restroom breaks, and to stretch our legs, which was much needed after all our driving. 

Abdull was organized, kind and, to be honest, one of the reasons that this trip left such a remarkable impression for both my mother and me. He became our friend, and we were sad to leave him! Without a great tour guide, a tour can be dull or boring. But with Abdull's knowledge and passion for his country, he made us feel welcome and at home. He even walked us to and from restaurants in the evenings, to make sure that we were safe and secure.

The hotels and riads we stayed at were all exceptional, clean, with excellent service. Not once did we feel that we were not safe or looked after by the staff. All of our belongings were safe at all times, and we never had anything stolen, which of course, is a concern when traveling. The day tours in Fez and Marrakech were also extremely well organized and detailed, and my mother and I never had to worry about a thing. 

I highly recommend Around Morocco for your future travels. And be sure to ask for Abdull as your guide! 

We had an absolutely perfect vacation, from start to finish, and can't wait to go back to Morocco.

My wife and I went to Morocco in the beginning of December, this beautiful country really blew our mind off, in our 8-days tour we drove along a beautiful coast line stopped-by for some yummy seafood lunch, we passed through the High/Mid Atlas mountains with snow peaks, we took camel ride and did “glamping” in the desert. Other than all the beautiful geographical features, Morocco is full of ancient history too, we were impressed during the entire trip, most importantly we engaged around Morocco to organise this tour for us, from initial enquiry till we finalised our itinerary, they offered us a hassle-free trip, they can customise any tour according to your need. I can say they are one of the best tour companies we had encountered.

Hicham was our driver/guide during our entire 8 days, he is very friendly and knowledgable, he is also very caring and make sure we always feel comfortable. We enjoyed our drive, other than seeing beautiful nature outside the windows, we enjoyed our discussions with Hicham about almost anything from History/religion/politics to food. He even brought us to visit his parents along the way, let us understand more about Moroccan culture. 

Other traveller might have different experience, but we are sure with Around Morocco and great guide like Hicham, your experience will be an amazing and very pleasant one.

My husband and I have just returned from a fabulous two weeks with Around Morocco. We consider ourselves to be experienced travelers. I am a flight attendant with a major international airline, and as a benefit my husband and I have been fortunate to travel all over the world for 23 years. We have always liked the freedom and adventure of traveling independently, renting our own car and driving ourselves, even in crazy places. So we were not sure if having a guide and an itinerary were going to be a good fit for us.

I am happy to report our trip with Around Morocco is quite possibly the best trip we have ever taken! The experiences we had with Around Morocco were more authentic and rich than we would have had on our own. We had plenty of private time and we found it more relaxing than doing it ourselves.

It’s hard to know where to begin … Our flight took us to New York and Madrid, and we landed in Marrakech. We thought about flying to Casablanca from popularity of the movie (“Play it again, Sam”), but decided we would prefer to begin our trip in Marrakech which is centrally located. We arrived at the airport, and after we exited immigration, there was our guide and driver Omar who is a nephew of Lahcen. We can’t say enough good things about Omar. He was an excellent driver and guide, and was always there for us. Traffic in Morocco can be challenging, and Omar was the best driver we had ever had on our travels. He was patient and punctual, and everywhere we went he had friends. We could tell that he is well respected by his colleagues. Tom V, Nashville

My wife and I have recently returned to Oz from a trip to Spain Portugal and Morocco. The entire trip was organized and booked from my wifes' laptop, a real credit to her. The one place we were a little apprehensive about was Morocco despite the many positive experiences reported on these pages. We are fans of exotic locations having recently been to Myanmar and Tibet albeit not backpacking at our age.

I need not have worried. Lahcen B was to be our guide but at the last minute we had a change and Mohamed (Muha) was there waiting at the airport for us. Our disappointment soon changed as Muha is a 25 yo Berber with a degree in English Literature and a wicked sense of humor and fun. He spent much time in finding out what we wanted. The tour allowed us to not only learn about this amazing country but also to meet the people and learn about their history and their aspirations. We were fortunate to be in the oasis in the Ziss valley on Ead the festival of sacrifice that is similar to our Christmas celebrations. Morocco nearly closes so people can travel home and for the Moroccans there is nothing more important than their families.

Muha was/ is a very safe driver not a skill he shares with either Petit taxis or the intercity large Mercs that crisscross the country. If we wanted to stop for an espresso then Muha knew the clean places and those with sit down toilets. The accommodation, it was our choice to be in the Riads instead of hotels as most of the latter are in the outskirts of the cities and definitely not in the old Medinas like the Riads. Riads are like quiet havens where the staff introduce themselves with a welcoming sweet black tea in the open top atrium. They are very beautiful buildings without exception and the meals and drinks are reasonably priced should you not want to venture out to dine.

We were gloriously lost on our first evening in Rabats' small but atmospheric Medina. Who should we bump into but Mohamed keeping an eye out for us. Although lost we felt no danger as the people are most affable and the merchants take La (no) for an answer. Not so much the case in Marakech but that is a place of its own fascination. The country has incredible variety from the cold heights of the Atlas where you will see Barbary apes up close, too close some would say, to the beaches and seafood of Essouira and the incredible dunes of Erg Chebbi.

Most importantly though we felt safe and reassured by our constant companion Mohamed. He was articulate and philosophical when needed. His insight into his country was essential to our enjoyment of this very beautiful nation. I remember vividly he and I crying with laughter at the poor goats tied up in Argan nut trees for the benefit of tourists. He, my wife and I shared many meals, coffees and conversations during some long drives and we now count him and his delightful family amongst our good friends.

'Welcome to Morocco' is an AMT trademark, and you hear it often. It doesn't annoy because they are just so genuine. This company has integrity, and for English speakers they are a perfect way to see an exotic and accessible wonder of the world. Oh and Camel riding is off my list. Gllman, Adelaide Australia,